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Royal Hours.


The Royal Hours 

In the Orthodox Church, we have a certain part of worship that is called “The Liturgy of the Hours.” They are chanted every single day, usually by members of the monastic community. On Holy Friday, though, we have all Churches chanting the service of the Royal Hours. They are called “Royal Hours”, because they are different from the regular service of the Hours (in that, they remember what happened, hour by hour, to Jesus Christ during His Passion).
Here’s what is remembered each Hour:
1st Hour: Judas’ death; Pilate's discussion with Jesus; the mocking of Christ; Crucifixion and death of Christ
3rd Hour: Mocking Jesus; Crucifixion and death of Jesus
6th Hour: Crucifixion of Christ; the Thief on the Cross; Jesus’ death
9th Hour: Jesus’ commission to Panagia and St. John the Divine; Death of Christ; events thereafter

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